websites.each do |resource|

Throughout my journey through the wonderful world of coding in Ruby, Java, whatever, I’ll be needing some resources. I’m going to use this space to dump some of the websites I’ve (or my cousin; honestly most of them are his) found.



Interesting article(s):

Journey thus far…

I’ve begun reading through Russ Olsen’s Eloquent Ruby. While it is generally a very well written book, some of the material can be above me at times. Nevertheless, I press on in the hopes that I will someday find the material useful (or at least remember where I can look up certain topics).

Some things I’ve learned specific to Ruby (so far):

  • 0 is NOT false. Only false and nil are false. Everything else is true.
  • Everything returns something.
  • Almost everything is a method.
  • Classes are easier to create and definitions (methods) are easier to implement.
  • Everything defaults to public, unless privatized.
  • ‘case when’ and ‘do each’ are widely used in Ruby vs. ‘if’ and ‘for’ statements.
  • Ternary operators are widely used: ‘condition ? do this if true : do this if false’
  • I’ve probably missed a lot of but I’ll add them as I remember them

I’ve also tried my hand at some of the Kata. Specifically the FizzBuzz Kata []:

So far my journey has been steady. I’ll be updating this in the days to follow.



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